A Holistic Soul Reading with the Stars & Cards

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A Holistic Soul Reading with the Stars & Cards

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This all encompassing reading wraps in my traditional mediums for Spirit connection like tarot and astrology with new mediums such as light language, meditation techniques unique for you, essential oil and crystal recommendations, and human design.

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what is a holistic soul channeling?

This reading encompasses any of the following mediums for Spirit connection that feel resonant when recording and in session:

  • intuitive astrology, tarot, and oracle

  • past life channelings

  • astrology for the new age

    • Divine Feminine or Lemurian frequencies rising in the birth chart

    • Divine Masculine or Atlantean frequencies healing in the birth chart

    • a new paradigm look at your natal chart planets

  • essential oil recommendations

  • crystal recommendations

  • light language

  • mantra

  • meditation techniques

  • Human Design strategies and concrete next steps