hello, sweet soul

My name is Alexandra Bogoslowsky - two heavy handed halves blended into one name meaning Defender of Man and Word of God. But I go by Sasha.

I am a mentor, energy healer, cosmic-minded and heart-rooted guide. my modalities include Astrology, etheric extraterrestrial contact, crystal healing, past life remembrance, card slinging, and essential oil anointing.

I work for the Light in embracing all that is, including the Shadow. I weave words, essences, blends and stars in my magickal workings

I am a passionate provoker of memory, invoker of ancient Lemurian, Atlantean, Lyran and Vegan frequencies.

I am an alchemical temperer of polarity. My goal is to leave every client of mine, every viewer of my content on YouTube, every reader of my words on Instagram, just a little more curious about your own life. I hope to inspire in my work, in our sessions, and to connect, even if just in brief moments, our cosmic consciousness deep down into our Earthly experience. When we work together, we work for your highest good, for the life you wish to lead, and to divine the clearest possible messages with concrete, actionable advice. I do and say all this knowing I am just one little piece of the puzzle of all that is, as are you. Iā€™m ecstatic that you are here.

Thank you for carrying the light that you are.

how did i get to be here?

I did all the right things,

but none of it was right at all. I got straight As, got into the good schools, got a great job with upward mobility. I never fought anyone, never tried anything stupid. I was a good one, they told my mom. You did good. 

But none of it was right at all.

I tried to stick to the path. For years now, I'd been struggling to fake a care in a career ladder that I'd felt like I'd climbed time and time again. I could see the end of the race to the top, and it bored me - still bores me. Yet I'd worked so hard for so long, prepped through childhood for schooling after schooling to get this degree, to find that right job, to make people like me, to get the next big thing.

It didn't take a lot of time for me to accept none of that was mine.

Not anymore. In this lifetime, I was to take a different path, veer along another route. Does it mean it's been easy to get where I am today? That overnight, I fully stepped into my role as a healing, intuitive channel? Fuck no. It's taken years of studying astrology and tarot, charting stars & slinging cards, to realize how clear a mirror these tools are for the real work that needed to be done - reclaiming my work as a healer.

For lack of some betters labels, sure, I can go ahead and say I'm an astrologer and tarot reader in some circles, to open the conversation up to a wider topic, and to then later slip in and lay the foundation of the fact that these are tools, not how we should label ourselves.

I am a healing, intuitive channel.

Healing, as I help my clients heal, I heal, we heal together in our sessions together, digging deep to the roots of what has brought them to work with me. Intuitive, for I use the stars & cards, I know well they are only vehicles towards the greater work that needs to be done, work only intuition can complete. Channel, because I claim no ownership over what comes through in these sessions, truly.

Words come out of my mouth at times that I can't even remember saying, tangental trains lead us in directions I cannot plan for.

So I've stopped planning. I've stopped trying to make my work - my life - perfect. Sessions with me have a spontaneous nature, a nature I'm stepping into embracing both in my business and in my life.

These two, in these pictures, are who keep me grounded and playful, keep me coming back down to Earth from being Starbound. My partner has taught me so much strength of heart, willpower, and how to embrace unadulterated fun, and this furry baby has too brought me so much joy and compassion, play and consistency. These boys are my family, and I am eternally grateful for how much they've transformed my life.

well, who am i, anyway?

I'm the person who's mind is always twirling with lyrics, words, ideas, daydreams - who reads "who am i, anyway?" and immediately starts singing the rest of the words from A Chorus Line.

I'm the Nintendo lover who can't wait for the next Kirby game and imminent next Animal Crossing, who also loves the indie games scene and how the medium can be used to tell some of the best stories I've ever witnessed.

I'm the crystal hoarding, ET loving, card slinging & star charting YouTuber since age 15, on and off, always drawn to how many amazing creators there are on this here world wide web and loving putting my small stamp on it all.

Cats AND Dogs. Beaches AND Mountains. City AND Country - though I'll need to be doused in insect repellent please and thanks!!

I hold space for you and I in live sessions, have the occasional written channeling available as well, and offer one of the deepest dives into your astrological makeup you can find. I'm loving this shift into this new paradigm and being a bridge from the old to the new - loving it while still as equally humbled and in awe of this shift.

I get anxious, in fact it's innate in my natural frequency !! but I work hard every day to take steps to reach neutrality and, some days, positivity.

I have my down days too, my moods are a winding rollercoaster, but I've been up and down so many times - self harmed in more ways than one so many times - that I know how to get back up and know it's coming, no matter how dark the night.

most of all, I am me and you are you, you gorgeous soul who's made it here to my internet home. Thank you for being here.

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