Sovereign Soul, Ignite and Enflame

sovereign soul.JPG

“Sovereignty is to hold the flame of your life force in reverence”

We are one, but we are also infinitely unique. You are being called, urged, pressed to celebrate your uniqueness.

To be sovereign is a sort of independence that need not be literal. We can be in relationship and sovereign, we can be in friendship and sovereign. Sovereignty is not a practice of cutting yourself off from any and all to be the pinnacle of yourself, it is to hold the flame of your life force in reverence and pride, respecting your boundaries, and looking within for to validate yourself.

Validation is a huge theme for the Leo archetype and one that the galactic Lion Beings of Sirius and Lyra are working with us in Spirit to transform. Looking for validation will be a thing of the past if we continue to develop our sovereignty because when we are sovereign, we validate ourselves. We are whole in and of ourselves.

Individuality and honoring our uniqueness seems to be both celebrated and wholeheartedly feared in our society and colors many of our unconscious perceptions. We lived through what our deepest incarnation of individuality could be in Atlantis and Orion, and surely across many galactic incarnation and many Earthly eras as well. Our souls remember. Our hearts remember.

This is not that time. This is not a time when sovereignty so widespread amongst the populace will lead to our demise, for it never did. We have only transformed, only transfigured our experiences to remold our clay and try yet again to get this experience as a soul incarnated “right.”

Let us let go of what is “right,” what is the “right” amount of sovereignty, who has the “right” to be sovereign and when is the “right” time to be sovereign. The right time is now, the people with the right to be independent of mind, body, and soul are all people of this planet and beyond.

Consider your relationship to independence when this card comes up for you. Have you ever found yourself in a codependent relationship? Have you ever found yourself blindly following what you believe society is telling you is the “right path?” have you ever looked back on your life with any regret for the choices you made because those choices were not in alignment with your highest and best, a vision that you can now hold in however clear a glimmer that you can?

Whatever your answer, consider how you have complete control over your sovereignty from this point onwards, and you have control over your perceptions of reality. You create this, and you can back your control.