Tension Rising


“You’ll shine brighter on the other side.”

You’re meeting your limit. You may not know what it is yet, but you can feel a stiffness in the air and it’s coming. What’s coming? Perhaps in your minds eye you see, perhaps in your body you sense - what comes to mind? What bubbles in your heart?

With every cataclysmic event, from the fall of Atlantis to the loss of a job, somewhere, deep down, we knew it was coming. Tensions rose and we rose to meet them, whether consciously or unconsciously. How will you rise? Will you rise in confidence, or despair? Love, or fear?

With tension, under pressure, is where diamonds are formed. Submit to the pressure with conscious awareness and you’ll shine brighter on the other side.

When I was laid off in January of 2018, I cried my eyes out like it was the end of the world. I had just moved to a new home, we were just starting our new life, and suddenly the rug was ripped out from under me.

But it wasn’t sudden. In fact, if I had been living my soul’s purpose, I would have left that job of my own accord months ago. This was a divine intervention that I saw coming from miles away as tensions rose all through the holiday season. Someone was leaving, I just didn’t believe it would be me.

Funny how our egos so lovingly trick ourselves into being just fine until that fateful moment when our soul steps in and shakes us awake.