Whispers of Remembrance

whispers of.JPG

“Reeling in the joy again could be precisely what finally parts the veil”

Remembering who you truly are lies just beneath the surface.

You’re so close, almost laughably, to rediscovering your hidden self, the self you’ve been following along your journey without even realizing. Laughing at yourself and reeling in the joy again could be precisely what finally parts the veil! Picking up the breadcrumbs you left behind, stumbling over a stone or two along the way, however blindly or consciously you’ve been wandering - the wander of your life has led you here.

The call here is to dive. The plunge you’ve been itching to make but have hesitated out of fear?

I used to scoff at the idea of Atlantis. A lost continent in the Atlantic Ocean? Really?

That disinterest turned into curiosity once I wandered into the little corner of our spiritual community that plays with the notion of alternate dimensions. Alright, I thought, this could be probable - in another layer of space, perhaps parallel to our own history? But surely never in our own linear time.

Slowly but surely, though, I my own awareness of multidimensionality grew more and more vast, I became more willing to suspend disbelief to be able to dive deeper. Why? Because what I found was an intense form of healing and sparks of inspiration that I had not found anywhere else along my journey, sparks that ultimately led me to creating this deck.

Remembrance of your past lives, lives led in alternate or parallel timelines, or even here on this linear Earthly timeline - they will change you, and that change takes time to acclimate toward. We must train our unconscious and our conscious selves to be able to withstand the pressures of the information we will gather through our rediscovery, like training our lungs to hold more air so we may dive deeper and deeper.

It may take thousands of plunges wo follow the whispers, but eventually they will resound into a chorus, and you will harmonize.