A Quiet Place

a quiet place.JPG

“In your quiet space, you can find your own tune again.”

Drown out the hum, take a dip into your sanctuary. It’s time to find your quiet place.

Self care is needed at this time, love. You’ve made so much noise, been apart of the hum and it was beautiful, however harmonious or clanging it all is as our symphony ebbs and flows.

In your quiet space, you can find your own tune again. Hermit out, as they say, and sink into your muddy earth. Take a bath, drop into a good book, sit in nature by yourself - whatever gets you grounded and your soul sparking again, that’s what calling to you at this time.

My mind is always racing, dodging past one thought to the next at a mile a minute. Sometimes, the only thing that will shut it all up is some binaural beats found on YouTube, or popping some the noise canceling headphones.

But what I’ve come to learn is I’ve been hating on my mind for too long. My mind doesn’t want me to fail, it doesn’t want me to have to stop what i’m doing and drown out the world. All parts of me want to work in cohesion. Instead of layering on the mind hate, instead of feeding an old story of disdain and judgement of myself, i instead feed what is feeling neglected within me from the overburdened mind.

Often, it’s my emotional body, so i spend some time in water. Sometimes, it’s my physical vessel, so I find a spot to lay flat to rest my body. My spirit has even at times been neglected, despite my line of work, and in those times I find myself a way to create and get my imagination flowing.

We may feel stuck at times and feel we need to find our quiet space to shut everything out, but in truth, all that quiet space does brings our energy back into equilibrium. Nothing taken, nothing given.