“You can take respite in this moment by returning to the temple that is your vessel.”

You are safe, you are held, and you can release, love.

You’re being called to let go of that breath you didn’t even know you were holding onto. You’re being gently nudged to notice the tension in your shoulders, jaw, hips, knees - where is it held for you? This is stagnant energy that we unconsciously keep ahold of because it reminds us of what was not safe, what did not work, and what we must avoid moving forward.

That is the ego talking, and this card is a loving reminder from the beings of light that surround you always that you can take respite in this moment - in any moment - by returning to the temple that is your vessel. We may not all feel that our bodies are our home, in fact I would wager to guess that most of us do not, but beyond anything else, when it gets down to the brass tacks, this body of yours is the one thing that is yours.

Consider your relationship with that statement. Do you truly feel that your body, or your space, or your town are yours? Have you been owning the space your energy takes up, or keeping it tucked away in your joints, muscles, and ligaments, tensing yourself to fit the tiny model you’ve perceived or been told to fit into?

I often find myself anywhere else but my body, dissociating into a daydream or full on astral traveling, leaving my physical vessel behind. We have a lot of work to do in this spiritual community - in our global community at large, if we’re being honest - in working on our body awareness and love. It goes beyond a yoga practice. It goes deeper into dysmorphia than we’re perhaps comfortable with.

Even in owning the respite you can gain from a space, that too needs some reworking as we’ve forgotten our symbiotic relationship with everything around us, everything in us. We see a direct cause and effect for every choice we make. Every bit of food we intake have a meaning behind it, whether it’s an intentional and intuitive gummy bear we eat because we just want a freaking gummy bear, or we’re munching on some celery because it makes us feel good in a different way, in that “healthy” way. We see the same cause and effect when we make choices when we shop - go plastic bag because it’s convenient or go green with the reusable bag? Which choice will lead to more tension, more guilt held in the body, consciously or unconsciously, and which will lead to a greater sense of equilibrium with our outer world.

The choice isn’t so black and white, it’s the intention behind our choices that lead us toward our respite or further into tension. You can see two folx eating a bag of gummy bears and one of them can be feeling the most joyous, spritely awoken inner child within them, and the other feels the most intense shame and yet continues to munch, because they feel they deserve the shame. You may see someone choose plastic over using their own bag at the store and judge them, but perhaps they’re just on their way towards integrating new options into their lifestyle and didn’t have their own bag to use, and they plan to reuse every bag they received that day in their home in some light that you cannot even imagine.

Intention is the engine that drives us toward our respite, towards the peace we create within and without ourselves. What is your intention with every choice you make, and what has led you to this respite?