Absolve and Awaken


“Judge not what you absolve.”

Clear it. Release it. Let your true essence be known.

You’re ready for a fresh start, and Spirit is calling you to take the helm of your life now and steer yourself toward those waters. In water, we are reborn. We’ve seen it across cultures, the reverence of water, perhaps most potently in the ritual of baptism. We have an opportunity to absolve our “sins” when this card shows up for us, yet I ask, what are your sins? This card begs the question: from what kind of dream are you awakening from?

Judge not what you absolve. To wash our hands clean of our past inherently acknowledges that past, and to acknowledge we must face, we must, in a certain light, accept. Become conscious. Unconsciousness is our metaphorical dream state, it is that which we are awakening from. We do not judge our dreams, do we? We simply experience them, perhaps at times learning to lucidly venture through our dream world and yet it is still another world.

Become conscious of your unconscious patterns, behaviors, situations and people you have attracted to you unconsciously. You need only accept them, then absolve and wash yourself clean of that which no longer serves you and your Highest Good.

Absolving does not always mean cutting ties and burning the bridge - in fact, I would precisely advise against this unless you are washing your life clean of abusive situations and people. Rather, I offer my own experience with bridge burning and skewed absolvement.

I’m cut from the run-while-you-can cloth, spun from the you’re-better-off-alone-than-here thread. Over time, this kind of attitude has bred a severe sense of abandonment as I’ve abandoned myself along the way; I’ve abandoned the parts of me that I did not accept when I believed to have absolved myself of these people, these places, these situations. Acceptance is a key to awakening.

When we awaken, when we become more conscious of our Higher Self, our purpose, and our egoic self with its inherent needs, life does not change until we start to feel into what is truly uncomfortable, and what is simply apart of the human experience.

We see this particularly with relationships. As we awaken, we may find some relationships cease to exist in our lives. People drift apart, perhaps the line was cut on the other end and we can’t reach people like we used to. When we take the helm and consciously choose to realign our life by saying goodbye to a relationship that no longer serves, we take our power back into our hands. We channel our Higher Self through our egos and marry the two, accepting the situation as is and consciously choosing to wash ourselves of this relationship. Though it may feel harsh, though it may seem brash, it never is if we’ve accepted our own truths to be our own.

Taking a moon cycle to align ourselves is potent medicine for these decisions, as well. From New to Full, we grow in energy and reach a peak of understanding. From Full to New, we die down in energy, sit with our new reality, and prepare to clear our fields for a new cycle.