Connected Mirrors for Reflection

connected mirrors.JPG

“What you see in others is precisely what you are being called to examine within yourself.”

Our relationships are mirrors for reflection, and we’re more reflective than we perceive.

We tend to perceive ourselves as bouncing bubbles of individuality, disconnected until we make connections, forge bonds consciously. Yet, we’re far more connected than we realize. Beneath the surface, we are a family of light, fractalling on and off into the infinite span that makes us each uniquely different, yet so unfathomably the same.

What you see in others right now that you find disgusting or even admirable is precisely what you are being called to examine within yourself. Are you putting someone on a pedestal? Do you revere someone for more than they truly are - human - or even despise someone for things they’ve done?

You’re being called to consider what kinds of reflections of yourself do you see in other people? Do you feel judgement in yourself when you think of your relationship with one person, then resentment with another? Do you feel a sense of ease, or dis-ease? What can shift within you to shift how you feel, or does the relationship need to transform?

I am often quick to run from a relationship, particularly friendships. I’m just as quick to fall deep into a fascination and admiration of a new friend, yet once I see a “flaw,” or something happens between us that is less than savory, I end things, usually not so elegantly.

What I’ve found is this past habit of mine has stemmed from deep conditioning and spread a deep sense of abandonment within me that keeps me feeling disconnected from my soul family incarnated on this Earth through the people in my life. I miss the interconnected feeling yet have had to do a lot of owning up to the damage I’ve caused for myself.

True, some relationships did have to end for their toxicity, but a lot of my past relationships could have been mended by having a simple conversation. Though that seemed too much at the time, something that sparked a wave of anxiety and depression, in hindsight, I wish I could go back and delve deeper into my roots in the moment. It helps to know that the people in my life are still my mirrors, and thus I cannot run from them, only face and reflect.