“Now is a time to become conscious of the little things in life that are encoding a pattern of behavior in your psyche.”

It may not make sense right now, but you are recording and uncovering the codes of your soul at this very moment - writing and discovering all at the same time.

Nature remembers - our cells remember. Every action you take, every choice you make, encodes a truth into your DNA. Likewise, every chance you take to uncover clues of your soul origins unravels your soular cellular encodings, deepening your experience of this 3rd dimensional reality and growing your multidimensionality.

Now is a time to become conscious of the little things in life that are encoding a pattern of behavior in your psyche. Likewise, consider what has been tugging at your heartstrings lately. This is likely a breadcrumb your soul left for you to follow - will you trust the path?

This can appear to you as a synchronicity, a crystal coming into your path, a new color that catches your eye as being “your” color. There are a multitude of ways we can encode information for ourselves to find just as we can unconsciously encode information into our conditioning. Becoming conscious of what feels good and what feels like programing gets us out of our heads and into our hearts, gets us recognizing the codes that make up our matrix existence and help empower ourselves to make the best choices for our Highest Good.

I resisted joy for a long time. I’d see people smiling on Instagram, having invested in courses and launched their own experiences, thriving off the high they have on life, and I’d feel a twinge of jealousy. Honestly. If I’m not honest here, where can I be?

I was encoding a truth within my cells that I am not worthy of that kind of joy, that that joy was separate from me, not apart of me. I bought into the illusion of separation, the illusion that one person’s success means another person’s demise. I may not have let myself believe it all the time, but when I was triggered, it was a red alert, full stop, shut-down-what-you’re-doing-because-it-isn’t-worth-it-anyway kind of reaction.

I’m largely still inching away from that mentality. What has helped was recognizing the coding and where it stems from. I’ve found ancestral trauma, inner and early childhood messaging, and my own skewed point of view that I haven’t been able to discernibly pinpoint but oh it is it present.

Along the way of discovering my current life’s encoding, though, I’ve found some codes left by my soul. Empowering truths of myself, inspirations for projects left untouched by another life, another me, or my Higher Self - does it matter? In digging into the code of my life, my person - me - I’ve found both Shadow and Light. And together, I’ll shift this code to get back on course.