Return to Simplicity

return to simplicity.JPG

“On a cosmic scale, every element in our cells, every atom, breaks down to a few fundamental particles.”

When it all seems too complex to wrap your head around, get out of your head and get back to your roots.

How often have you gotten your feet dirty in the grime of Mama Gaia? How accustomed are you to calling that grime, dirt, yuck, and not reveling in the Earth and its textures? We come from this Earth (part of us anyway) and to this Earth we will return - return to simplicity.

On a cosmic scale, every element in our cells, every atom, breaks down to a few fundamental particles. We can swap them and mix them every which way, but when we return to simplicity, we reach a calm in noticing just how fascinatingly insignificant our problems may have seemed before.

You’re being called to this card, to return to simplicity, perhaps because you’ve been making things out to be a little more complex than they actually are in your life. Consider the fundamentals of what’s on your mind. It helps to write things down, make them real.

Consider the ease of a relationship the cow has to their environment, yet then what do we take from that? What do we make of simplicity and ease? On a whole, humanity has misused simplicity, but in our microcosm that is our Selves we have the chance to change that with every step along the way.

Returning to simplicity means remembering our symbiosis. How symbiotic are you with your life right now? Consider what you can do to be more aligned.

I seem to have come into this life with a fear of nature. From the git-go, I wanted to be inside in my own space that I curated. I love to complexly design my space, intricately build my lego towers and splatter my paintings on my wall in a sort of collage. Take me out into the wilderness and my nerves were shot, it seemed almost as though some wires were crossed in me that disabled my getting-back-to-nature-to-recharge function.

Yet, when my grandparents took me on a hike one day and suggested I pick some mushrooms along the way, I loved it. Scavenging, getting detailed and searching for just the right ones that would make for a good dish later for lunch for my family gave me a real joy. They touted that I had a scent for them, that I knew precisely which ones to pick that wouldn’t make the family sick. Russians have a pretty twisted sense of humor and wild way of trusting an eight year old with foraging for shrooms.

There’s always a way to get back into our Earth and get attuned with Her frequencies, even if it isn’t in the most traditional of ways. Experimenting with how I could get out into nature was precisely what led me to that short lived passion of mine that I, someday, hope to help flourish into a foraging hobby.