“You’re in a moment of serene unfoldment.”

From the fog of a seemingly distant past, we bloom into our present, ready and able to lead our Selves into our most aligned future.

Sweetly shining, Elephant appears from the astral beneath a Blood Moon. Their quiet presence leads us into a calm in which we can recognize just how precisely we’re unraveling in the best of ways. Petal by petal, we bloom, radiate our light, and slowly yet surely we become our unique blossom.

You’re in a moment of serene unfoldment. The morning’s sun arises in your life, dawn is breaking and you’re reaching to meet the Sun’s rays with every inch of your being. Now is a time to embrace the light you express and grasp the light around you with all your being. Take on the new project if it stretches you delightfully, head to the event if it makes your tummy flutter. Follow those blooming feelings, however faint they may feel at the moment.

This card is modeled after the moment I met my once prominent guide, Jai’ma the Elephant. We had been working together for some time, but when we met she appeared mekly in my mind’s eye from the jungle, timidly parting ferns and vines to meet my gaze. Immediately, though, I felt a radiance from deep within her that pressed beyond her hardened exterior.

She came to me in meditation when I was hardened myself and the light in me itched to see the light without me, to meet its match and shine ever brighter. I had reservation, though, and thus I met my mirror in Jai’ma. Despite her hesitancy, she approached me and we communed in spirit, mind, and heart. She let known her deepest light and I mine, and I knew then the feeling  of blooming.

A subtle growth permeating from my heart space, like a cool breeze could whisk itself through me at any moment and I’d feel lighter from my center. A weight I’d never realized until that point lifted off my chest and I could finally breathe easy, look up, and marvel at my own potential again.