“With potential comes the choice to act, or to transmute.”

Possibility. Energy waiting to strike in your life, through your life, through you.

With potential comes the choice to act, or to transmute. Will you bring this energy forth into the world, or turn it in on itself and do some inner work instead? Consider your answer and consider why that choice? Do you have complete faith in this potential, or lack the confidence to make it so?

“You had so much potential.” “This has the potential to be something great!” Disappointment and pressure. Two feelings we want to delve into as we feel into potential.

Truly, there is no disappointment from a HIgher Self perspective, only diverging and intertwining paths. We have the free will to make whichever turns suit our fancy on the road towards our goals, dreams, and hopes - all that we manifest, whether consciously or unconsciously. Disappointment stems from the false belief that there was ever a concrete end goal. Disappointment roots itself in the falsity that we ever lose our potential.

Pressure to perform suggests that potential can diminish over time as well. If we don’t live up to our potential today, we’ll lose out on a great opportunity, or so it seems.

In truth, through this card, you’re being asked to see the infinite potential within you. Nothing ever stops in this universe, in our physical plane on which we exist. We are always vibrating, always shifting, always full of the potential that we’ve weaved into the story of lack.

Growing up, I was always taller than average up until most kids caught up in high school. “You have so much potential to be a basketball player!” I’d alway hear. The pressure was built up within me to rebel completely against that potential and I steered away from sports completely. I hate being labeled in that way, cue the woes of my Aquarius Moon, always the rebel.

Looking back, I did quite enjoy sports for the fun of them, but adults put so much pressure and seeded deep rooted disappointment in us to live up to their expectations. Just because I was tall didn’t mean I was going to be great at the game, and the subsequent disappointment from folx who saw me as not having lived up to my body’s full potential seemed utterly ridiculous - because it is.

We have a duty to redefine our views around potential moving forward. Through our conscious awareness of our conditioning, we’ll see to it that the infinite potential within us all is recognized and honored.