Past letters

ready for the new moon

june, july, and august were like a rollercoaster that seemed like it would be a fun time at first, but then we were stuck on it for about 90 days. i hate to be that person, but the energy of this past summer truly is one of the biggest reasons this newsletter had to take a backseat. in feeling this energy so fully myself, as i'm sure we all have, some things have become a lot clearer now at the footsteps of our turn of the Wheel of the Year that i'd love to share with you all. 


how many times have you under valued yourself

and your service to the world when you haven't been receiving validation? how many times and you panicked and stooped to a frenzy over how you were going to kick things up a notch to get more attention, be seen, be heard, be acknowledged? how many times have you then executed that plan to get more likes, get a loving comment, get acknowledgement from a friend, family member, significant, other, boss - whomever - and it come back to you in a fireball to the face, making you wish you had just kept your mouth shut?


it's crazy how quickly blocks can be lifted,

even when it feels like they'll never leave. we're told so often how to push, how to dig deeper to get ourselves out of a rut, but what if that "rut" is exactly where we need to be? cosmic lesson here: we'll be learning just how powerful a rut can be as jupiter in scorpio begins its shift backwards - it's retrograde, folks, and it's not the end of the world. it never is.

i have to revel in the moments when things are so still,

that they feel like they're never going to start again, but it's hard. do you ever feel like it's your fault for things not going your way in your business? your fault that friends seem to disappear, your boundaries feel foggy as good fall day, your heart growing just as cold from the numbness of your scarcity mindset?