A Holistic Soul Reading with the Stars & Cards


A Holistic Soul Reading with the Stars & Cards


A live call hosted via Zoom during which we divulge what energy is at hand for you to work with right now. This all encompassing reading wraps in my traditional mediums for Spirit connection like tarot and astrology with new mediums such as light language, meditation techniques unique for you, essential oil and crystal recommendations.

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what is a holistic soul channeling?

In short, this is an intuitively led session during which I pull may up your astrological chart to see how our current cosmic weather is working for you, or sling some cards, or divine your message directly from Spirit - whatever I am intuitively drawn to in the session. Live sessions are set for 45 min but may go over if conversation is flowing and our schedules allow. Prerecorded video sessions are more streamlined and succinct with no room for conversation.

This reading encompasses any of the following mediums for Spirit connection that feel resonant when recording and in session:

  • intuitive astrology, tarot, and oracle

  • past life channelings

  • astrology for the new age

  • a new paradigm look at your natal chart planets

  • essential oil recommendations

  • crystal recommendations

  • light language

  • mantra

  • meditation techniques

This said, for an in-depth astrological birth chart reading, please see the appropriate listing. For an in-depth past life channeling, please see the appropriate listing. These soul channeling sessions, while they do make use of many mediums, are an eclectic and intuitive charcuterie, if you will, a tasting platter of many of the options I offer, and we leave it open to Spirit to see what they want to bring through and through which medium!

what can you expect to receive?

Upon purchasing this session, you’ll be prompted to download your receipt, in which is a link to schedule yourself in for your 60 minute live call via Zoom. When we meet, our call will be recorded and upon completion of the call, sent to you. You’re encouraged to ask questions, so be sure to bring some to the table.