Birth Chart Analysis & Intuitive Insight

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Birth Chart Analysis & Intuitive Insight


A reading to learn all about your star sign and the depth to which astrology can delve. This session is dogma free - YOU are at the helm of your life and this astrological blue print of your energy is just the first step toward living a life as your highest and best self. These sessions deliver to you your unique, private video session taking you through the very basics of your chart first, then delving into its intricacies.

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The Birth Chart is your natural state on paper - don't like it? This is the FIRST STEP in living a conscious, cosmic lifestyle. Once we are aware of our natal states, we can begin to shift our ways. You will receive a unique, private video recording of your session approximately 45 minutes to an hour in length, during which we dive into your natal chart, discussing your major planetary placements and their relationships to one another. Discussions of planetary TRANSITS (aka where the planets are right now and how they affect your energy) can be found through a SOUL CHANNELING reading instead.

NOTE in that way that this reading does not denote "who you are." We exist limitlessly beyond our Birth Charts, but there's no denying the power within this analysis.

Also note an accurate time of birth is very important in order to get the most out of this reading, but if you do not have it then we can still work with your timeless chart!

As an astrologer and intuitive practioner, my job is to provide you with personalized information that you can use to better yourself along your journey.

When we work together, we work for your highest good, for the life you wish to lead, and to divine the clearest possible messages with concrete, actionable advice.

Important Information

Upon adding to your cart, you will fill out a form for me detailing all the logistics I need to get your reading to you. As an intuitive, I need time to ruminate over your energy and chart the stars to feel out when, astrologically, it is best to begin your session, so some readings may take more time than others, so be aware of the deliverable time frame options you can choose upon purchase!

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with an invitation to download digital content - this is your welcome package/order confirmation with further details on your next steps, PLEASE READ!

Post reading, I always encourage the conversation to continue. Never feel afraid to ask questions, pose concerns, or search for clarification in post - that's where the real growth happens!

what can you expect to receive?

You will receive a prerecorded video session approximately 60 minutes in length detailing your astrological make up. This goes beyond simple planetary placements - we get into the nitty gritty of your chart and the planetary relationships and activations at hand for you at this time and how you’re meant to embody the cosmos in this life.

If you are ready to apply astrology into your life beyond knowing your newspaper horoscope, we should work together.

If you're ready to trust your own intuition to guide your path forward but need a little guidance in seeing the light ahead, we should work together.

If you are conscious in your life path, but perhaps need a boost in your journey today, we should work together.

I am no guru.

I am no omniscient surveyor of knowledge.

I am a vessel, as are you, ready, willing, and able to hold space for you.

Know full well that my job isn't to be your one and only source for answers, but a second opinion, because you have the answers you need within you.

I would love to work with you to help you hear them.