Human Design Chart Reading


Human Design Chart Reading


A written report + recorded call detailing your Human Design Chart with a honed in focus on astrology - one of the many disciplines Human Design borrows from, others of which include the iChing, Kaballah, the chakra system, and quantum physics. Approx. 12 page .pdf and 1 hour Zoom conference call follow up appointment, scheduling link sent upon receipt of report.

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What is Human Design?

Human Design, or HD for short, is a cosmically aligned and channeled system first brought to Earth by Ra Uru Hu in the late 1980’s. It has since taken the world by storm on account of its accuracy and precision of opening our eyes once again to our authentic selves. Human Design sheds light on the Not-Self, or who we have been conditioned to be, and proposes various strategies and steps to implement to decondition ourselves through the experiment that is HD. It is said that it takes a full 7 years to fully decondition every cell in our body, though as we move further and further away from our old paradigm and into the new Aquarian Age, this timeline is increasingly speeding up!

What is included in the report?

  • Details of your Type (how your aura interacts with the world)

  • A deep dive into your Strategy (your guidepost for staying true to your most authentic self)

  • Clarity on your inner Authority (how best you make decisions for your highest and best)

  • A zoom-in on your unique blend of Channels and the Astrological Planets that are activating them (tools and gems within you that you are here to express and utilize to fulfill your soul’s purpose)

  • Your Incarnation Cross (overall life purpose)

  • Information on your particular Profile (how best you manifest that life’s purpose with ease, as well as a blend of archetypes you play with consciously and unconsciously)

  • a 60 minute discuss & process call via Zoom, recorded and delivered to you upon completion (scheduling link for call received on receipt of your written report)

What makes this Human Design Reading Cosmic?

As an astrologer of over 10 years and with thousands of clients under my belt, one could say I have a keen eye for where astrology interweaves itself into every spiritual discipline. When it comes to Human Design, astrology is already built into the system, but not many Human Design readers out there acknowledge its addition to the system, so I thought I would take a deeper dive into its study myself. What I have found is when we hone in on which planetary bodies are activating our design and in what ways, we uncover even more layers for self discovery than is already available to us in a traditional Human Design reading!

That said, this is still very much a Human Design report seen through the lens of astrology - if you would like a full fledged and detailed look into your astrological natal chart, please navigate to the appropriate listing.

You can read more about the beginnings of my journey and Human Design on my blog.