Learn About Your Soul's Other Incarnations


Learn About Your Soul's Other Incarnations


A recorded video reading + recorded live session during which I commune with your guides and we tap into your most potent past or parallel lives through a trace state to deliver swift, concrete awareness of your greater, soulful journey. One or more lives may show up through the tarot, druidic astrology, and draconic astrological techniques.

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what is a past life?

On a soul level, most all souls have lived many lives here on Earth, and even on other planets, in other galaxies. Woah, right?? What’s key as well to mention is that beyond our 3rd dimension Earthly experience, all time is truly happening in the NOW, meaning these “past lives” we tap into are truly more relevant than simply a look into something cool about your soul journey, as you are CURRENTLY experiencing that life at a soul level.

Wicked, right? It goes deeper.

The life or lives that come through in a past/parallel life reading are precisely relevant to the energetics and lessons you are shifting through in this life RIGHT NOW as they are a mirror for each other. In other words, through looking at the lens of your parallel life, you can learn about what steps you need to take in your present to better your future.

what can i expect to receive?

A recorded video file during which I enter a trace, meditative state and reach into your Akashic Records, where visuals, sensations, and clear knowings about your most relevant past/parallel life at this time will come downloaded to me clairvoyantly, clairsentiently, and claircognizantly. We then will tap into your astrological chart - your natal chart, Draconic chart, and Druidic Soul-Star chart, to gather as much astral information about your past lives as possible. This give us even more insight into the life we tapped into through trance.

Upon receipt of your video reading, you’ll receive a link to schedule a 60 minute discuss and process call, during which we may pull cards from the tarot or oracle, again dependent on what Spirit calls us to use for a tool for further insight! You’ll have time to ask questions and make real life connections to the information and wisdom that came through the reading. A recording will be sent to you upon completion of the call.