so you're looking for some more resources?

let me break it down for you, from my perspective. here's an ever growing list of some of my favorite spiritual (& some not-so-spiritual) tools, tarot and oracle decks, books, and other resources that i've collected along my journey. feel free to reach out and contact me if you wanna chat more about any of these listed below!



each of these books I've genuinely loved and would recommend to anyone at any point along their path! click the covers for more information.

if you've questioning our current paradigm, the history you learned in school, and just how in heck you're going to ever fathom your place in the Universe, this book is for you. no, Barbara Hand Clow doesn't answer all the questions, but she does a damn good job of grounding a lot of woo-woo rhetoric and that's why i love this book.

a super cool way of looking at past lives through the lens of a natal chart - i've adopted Maria Wheatley's technique with my own spin in the Past Life Portal offering.

a great beginners first dip into the depths of discovering your own truths concerning Atlantis, Avalon & Lemuria - though it's an amazing book, i always say take everything with a grain of salt

hands down, best book on tarot i've read, and i'm picky about my books. her story about the High Priestess had me bawling with how much i resonated. get this and hand it to anyone in your life who just doesn't "get" tarot - after you've read it yourself, of course.


an all around great resource for bite sized bit about so many complex aspects of astrology - a beginner's book for sure.

some of the most well written literature on spiritual uses for essential oils that i've seen!

a work of fiction but one that totally hooked me from start to finish. as soon as they mentioned leylines and a family of witches, i was sold.

one of the best random finds i've ever come across, a must have book in my opinion for any ecclectic witch and conscious manifestor.


tarot Decks

here are the cards i sling in my personal and business practice that i could talk for  a g e s  about.

if you're looking for a "normal tarot deck," like the one everybody and their mother has, the one you think of when you think of "tarot," this is it, and the Centennial Edition is the edition that is closest in style and depiction to what the late artist, Pamela Coleman Smith, would have wanted. RIP, babe.

if you're looking for something a little more modern, sleek, and oh so stunning, and watercolors are your aesthetic, check this out. i snagged a first edition copy all those years ago, the Linestrider and I go way back.

this is the edgy modern face of tarot - the deck you've seen at Urban Outfitters that, unlike Urban, actually has some soul. i didn't give into the hype for years until Kim Krans announced the 2nd Edition of the deck would soon replace the original, and i felt the call to snag one. it changed me, in a really really good way.

detailed. diverse. gorgeous.when my partner gifted this to me, i'll be honest, my first impression was something along the lines of "this definitely isn't something i would've picked up for myself!" but i'm so glad he did.


this was my first deck, the deck that i chose after how many days of research, that i rejected at first for who knows what reason, only to find my way back into its loving, mysterious, and warm arms. this deck is like home to me, it always will be. i seldom use it with clients, it creates an extremely personal bond with most folks from what i've gathered. get ready to discover the Shadowscapes.

this deck puts a smile on my face and a pep in my step every time i use it. it feels like a warm cup of tea, that bubbly feeling you get when catching up with an old friend, or when you see a dog on you walk about for the day.

does all that sound quite nebulous and dream-like to you? it's the Dreaming Way Tarot, what else would you expect? super quirky, 5/5 do recommend.

Tarot in a Tin is a series of classic tarot decks that have been shrunken down by their publishers with what i can only assume are gigantic shrinking rays to fit into totally convenient and radically cute tin boxes. perfect for any card slinger on the go, or, if you're like me, perfect for anyone who likes anything better if it's small.

this deck and i have had a long journey. when i learned about it, it was out of print, so i bought the app version to satiate my growing need for the vibracy of this creation in my life while i waited for the physical copy to release again with a new publisher. finally, it's here, and it's as glorious as i'd imagined. light, airy, but not without substance, an underrated classic.


oracle decks

my bread and butter, the peaches to my cream. don't underestimate the potency behind oracle decks! here are some must haves.

this deck speaks volumes. if the guidebook itself could come in volumes upon volumes, i would snag that so fast. 

this is a beautiful deck to work with personally, pull one card from whenever you need a pick me up, read Alana's words in the guidebook, and feel the love again.

i know what you're thinking - dragons?

yup, they're awesome, and this deck is a super neat way to connect with them. the guidebook is great, but what i particularly love about these cards is you don't need the guidebook. the art is so intuitive, plus each card has keywords!

one of two decks that got me connecting with angels on a personal level - would absolutely recommend these cards for anyone who gets a weird vibe from Christian dogma and mysticism surrounding popularized angel connection.

the very first angel deck i found that made me feel at home with this realm of divine connection. Mario Duguay's art is superb. i use this deck in particular in most all of my angelic guidance readings to close out our angel round-up in the reading.


a cool companion to the Wild Unknown Tarot. this deck works so well alone as well, particularly with the guidebook in hand. there's something very special in this channeled creation, makes me feel like i'm equally grounded in Earth's magnificent animal kingdom and traversing the Wild Unknown.

i love this deck simply for the fact that it gathers so many Ascended Masters, Angels, Galactic folx - all Keepers of the Light - into one big party that is these cards, and like the Dragon Oracle, gives key words on each card so you don't need to read the guidebook. one thing i do with these is i call upon a Keeper to set on my work space or altar for the week.

this little vintage inspired deck all about flowers and the botanical realm actually teaches you about the plants - i love that! looks gorgeous and has some wisdom to throw down? my kind of deck.

another deck with something to teach, Saints & Mystics combines two sides of the spiritual community into one cohesive deck. within it, you can use just the Saints cards or just the Mystics cards, but i like to smash them all together and see who wants to come through and give me some guidance. this is a one-card-pull kind of a deck for me, and i love how the guidebook gives you details on the stories behind these people while wrapping into a deeper spiritual lesson for your day.