"Sasha is by far one of the most powerful and gifted intuitives and astrologers I have ever had the pleasure of working with! She's down to earth, to the point and ever so accurate. She knows exactly what I need to hear WHEN I need to hear it. I am so grateful to have been connected with Sasha and will continue to turn to her as my resident astrologer and guide!"

- e. greene

"Sasha truly shines with her deep astrological knowledge, and her ability to seamlessly weave her tarot practice in with it. I am fully of gratitude for the time and effort she put into pulling up my chart and really getting into the root of my block... I appreciate her articulate and knowledgable approach and look forward to getting more readings from her in the future!"

- c. foley

"I'd give this more stars if there were more stars to give! Sasha wrote a wonderful six pages detailing my birth chart. I've worked with the primary signs of my chart for a while, but wanted more understanding of the subtleties and interactions of planets, houses, etc. As a bit of a skeptic on anything where another person tells you things about yourself, I will say that this was wonderfully done - giving insight and validating my own intuition and trust in my own self. It's about working with the chart to improve life and balance, so it's holistic and helpful, never judgmental. It was written with warmth, understanding and insight, and gave me a message of encouragement that I was really needing. It was very accurate and applicable to my path, where I am now and where I'm trying to go in my life and work. Thank you!!"

- c.F. cameron

"another charming and helpful reading from Sasha. a good reminder to me to trust my path and not overthink and worry quite so much. she doesn't knowing in the non-digital world, but this is a reminder i need! much love!"

- c.f. cameron

"incredible reading by an incredible human."

- p. giron

"i highly recommend Sasha's readings. she is so knowledgable and insightful. watching her video reading is like having a chat with your girlfriend. i can't wait to purchase another one!"
- l. boyce

"Sasha truly did an amazing job of digging deep into my astrological makeup and presenting the information in a totally relatable and understandable way... I highly recommend her service because this reading is probably going to act as a guidebook for the rest of my life"

- z. gentry

"Amazing! What a beautiful e-mail and shadow reading. The cards spoke perfectly and everything clicked for me! I understand now, paired with the astrological reading I got from her website... just WOW! I cannot even stop watching it. So much wisdom humor and truth in your reading. I love you! The real rawness of your awnser is exactly the guidance that I needed! Thank you!"
- K. mccorckle

as before, Sasha puts in a tremendous amount of energy and time to the readings. she is truly a gifted and loving human. i was thrilled with my reading."

- p. giron

"i love Sasha and her readings are amazing. the video birth chart reading was so informative and personal. i love that i can go back and rewatch it anytime. thank you Sasha!!"
- e. bernstein

"this was my first tarot reading and it was a lovely experience. Sasha is relatable and caring and excellent at her craft. i ordered a written reading. it was concise and well written, easy to understand. i will be a repeat customer."
-n. moak

"beautifully done reading. i felt a strong connection to everything i was told. i really truly believe sasha is such a genuine spirit and i am humble by it. a very grounding reading between two earth signs."

-s. perdomo

"what a fantastic, thorough and complete astrological and oracle reading. focusing on home and maintenance of self is right where i am. so perfect! can't thank you enough!"

-k. milgazo

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