Lemuria Gem Essence: Rose Quartz, Ocean Jasper, Prehnite & Spirit Quartz


Lemuria Gem Essence: Rose Quartz, Ocean Jasper, Prehnite & Spirit Quartz


An elixir for profound connection to Lemurian frequencies. Awaken your joy, feel back into your unique, rhythmic connection with Mama Gaia, heal your inner child, and ignite your remembrance.

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Take 3 to 13 drops 3 times daily.
15ml dropper bottle, brandy based.

What is a gem essence?

A gem essence is an intentionally brewed potion with the energies of our crystal allies steeped within it. Crystals hold within them particular energetic resonances that are brought out and into indigestible form through the creation of an essence. Water is the vessel for these keys of our vibrational shifting. Water holds memory and can shift in reaction to vibration, thus it is a perfect vehicle for the vibrations of crystals to be transmitted into our physical beings, through ingestion.

Why an essence?

Our bodies are made up primarily of water, thus when we take in an intentional elixir, the drops are falling in line with our primary resonance. Like attracts like, all things in nature move in harmony with each other. In essence, the use of an essence of a particular vibration will imbue its lessons and healing within your being at a fast rate!

Why ingestion?

When we take an essence internally, it is an act of trust. The essence also reaches our vital organs faster through digestion than it would in topical use, though truly it is the act of taking something into yourself and the trust and faith that entails that truly makes an essence magical.

Just 3 drops?

Less is always more. You may of course use your own discernment, though I would never deliver more than 13 drops in a single session, simply out of reverence for the number 13 and its spiralic nature. Even just administering one drop per day can be all that you need, as this is vibrational medicine.


None of these creations claim any medical value to aid in physical support, nor were they created with that intention. Yet, much like when you sit down at your altar for your spiritual practice, or sink into a hot bath with your favorite oils and salts, this elixir is medicine - it's magic. I as the practitioner and creator of your bottle of magic have already imbued it with specific intentions in connection with the crystals used for the essence.

With that, let's get to the crystals within this essence.

Ocean Jasper

aids in reconnecting to the every flowing and ebbing tides of the ocean, the waters of our Mother Gaia. profoundly grounding while equally supportive of gentle movement through the cycles of your life.

in Lemuria, we were one with the ocean, and working with Ocean Jasper reinvigorates that connection within our soul and cellular memory.

Rose Quartz

for love, unconditional compassion, peace, and awakening the heart space.

we created from our heart space in Lemuria, from our Heart Chakra. moving into our ascension process today, as we ascend back to 5D, where we were in Lemuria, so many of us are finding our sensitivities heightened as our hearts remember. aid in the healing and awakening of the heart space with Rose Quartz - become empowered heart leaders.

Spirit Quartz

spirits of the fae realms reverberate within the fantastical Spirit Quartz, inviting memories of Lemuria in the form of pure joy and laughter. in Lemuria, there were so many giggles, as we valued the time we had on this Earthly plane to revel in the magnificence of it all and let the joy run through us.

inviting Spirit Quartz into your life in this essence helps awaken the joy within you again, helping you stand in your power to move through any situation with love, grace, and laughter.


a soothing Heart Chakra and inner child healer - activator. Prehnite reinvigorates curiosity, a trait Lemurians praised as from curiosity, we seed creation, and in Lemuria, we created our reality out of joy, unconditional love, and simply for the sake of it all. Prehnite begs the question, when have you been told that you shouldn't do what you truly wanted to do because it didn't fit the mold? when were your inner child's passions stifled?

in working with Prehnite, we make space for our inner child to feel safe in expressing what we wish for ourselves, and in this safe container, our Lemurian selves shine forth.