Unicorn Intentional Oil


Unicorn Intentional Oil


An intentional oil to connect to Unicorn energy. The Unicorns left this realm long ago, but while they were here they helped us open our higher chakras (throat, third eye, and crown) and we can call upon them today to do the same in spirit.

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What is an intentional oil

Unlike a perfume, an intentional oil is used as a perfumed tool for intention setting. Made with all natural ingredients, while this oil's scent may not last hours, a little goes a long way for its effects. Rub on places like the insides of your wrists, back of the neck, behind the ears, soles of your feet, between the breasts, or on the tummy for most potent energetic effects.


None of these creations claim any medical value to aid in physical support, nor were they created with that intention. Yet, much like when you sit down at your altar for your spiritual practice, or sink into a hot bath with your favorite oils and salts, this elixir is medicine - it's magic. I as the practitioner and creator of your bottle of magic have already imbued it with specific intentions in connection with the crystals used for the essence.


essential oils of myrtle, lavender, fennel and rose of sharron, a base of coconut oil


If silver had a scent, this would be it. Mystical, otherworldly

Suggested Use

Back of the neck to connect to the Crown Chakra