Alien Abduction: Reframing Fear To Expose Shadow to Light

I legitimately never cared about aliens.

Growing up, I loved the stars and all things cosmic, but aliens? Nope. Just didn't have any interest. When my father would prattle off on panspermia, the notion that Earth's life was essentially seeded, whether consciously or by chance, millions of years ago, I found it fascinating, but did I ever think about humanoid, sentient beings associated with this theory? Nah. Even when my grandfather would throw out the idea in the usual heated dinner table conversation that the Great Pyramids or other wonders of our world were built with the help of extraterrestrials, it seemed to glaze over my head.

I was in a daze as a child, always in my own head, seemingly lost in thought or totally fixated on the task in front of me - impressionable - but I always had an opinion. I was never a non-believer. The idea that some "other" beings had been down on Earth in our very distant past didn't phase me, but it didn't excite me either. I was too Focused on the now and the future, what things were going to be like, how my life was going to turn out. Whether by my external conditioning or by my own soul's plan (perhaps both,) history and the past was never a concern of mine and my brightly beaming Aquarius Moon. Growing into my adult self and my Virgo Sun now, as we step into the light of our Sun signs as we grow, I'm stepping into my purpose here in our collective ascension. I've started to wonder about what's led me down this path of galactic curiosity? What sparked my journey down this path of cosmic connection?


For many in the ET community, their interest was sparked by an intense abduction experience,

or reading about such experiences. I have, quite honestly, never resonated with abduction. It feels strange to admit when abduction and aliens seem to go hand in hand in typical conversation, but truly, what is typical galactic conversation? Why do I feel some form of guilt for not having had an abduction experience in my younger years? I don't even feel the need to regress myself, no longing to dive deeper into my, perhaps, lost or erased memories, because I simply don't find it necessary.

My truth is that we don't have to have an abduction experience to feel a connection with galactic consciousness. Abduction is no precursor to contact, and contact is not necessarily abduction. This is such an important thing to remember when beginning to dip your toes into the ET community and blending these stories into your spirituality.

Many (though not all) abduction stories are framed in fear,

which, I feel, is largely why they simply do not resonate. When I say this, I do not mean in any way that they don't hold any truth to me or truth for the collective, rather that the language around the purpose for these abductions, the lack of control on the part of the abductee, the sense that things are being done to the abductee, can all be reframed when we take things back into our sovereignty.

We choose the experiences we have with these energies. You and I, them, we are all energy, and a resonance must occur, some form of consent must occur in all things in life. This is a difficult pill to swallow, believe you me, but whether on a soul level or through our unconscious efforts, we manifest each and every experience we have, through no fault of our own. There are lessons in pain, lessons in uncomfortable heartbreak, loss, pleasure, ecstasy, reverence. This is a truth so many of us are waking up to, have awakened to, and will continue to divulge as we shift further and further into 5D, where manifestation is instantaneous.


Our spiritual, out-of-body, and miraculous experiences are all colored richly by our perception.

In a culture that has largely depicted first contact and aliens as being war mongering, calculative, highly logical and unemotional, how else would one feel about abduction? How else might one describe being poked and prodded, and why else would one want to share their experience with the collective? From my own perspective, I sense a need in others to share in the hopes that more folks will become conscious of these experiences, to warn, to stir up the necessary tension in the pain body to be ready for abduction, so one won't be as traumatized as the last abductee.

Yet, we're moving further and further away from fear based mindsets. Particularly beginning with the Pluto in Scorpio generation and onward from the early 1980's, those children are now adults - we are the shift, we are the fully realized expression of a tidal wave of truth. Pluto and Scorpio fall hand in hand and charge a sense of spiritual righteousness for the good of all humanity, all of the galactic community, and give all in this generation and beyond the truest sense of clarity we have seen in some time. Onward as the Pluto in Sagittarius folks arise, spreading light, expanding awareness, and clearing the way for justice and order to be made in our new paradigm that children of the Pluto in Capricorn and coming Pluto in Aquarius children will grow to create.

Now is the time to reframe fear into love, shadow into light.

Not forgetting the fear and shadow, not tossing them away to bypass what have been our foundations for so long, even beyond galactic connection. As we are called to no longer spiritually bypass, so too are we called to quit the fear based conversations about ETs.

We can connect to these beings, energies, consciousnesses - whatever word suits your fancy - in the same and yet evolved ways that we've connected with spirit, Gods & Goddesses, animal guides, Ascended Masters and the like for generations.

We can peal away at the fearful tales of the Grey and the Reptilians and see the good in all, quit generalizing, quit labeling entire groups as evil, only retelling the stories we've told time and time again on our Earth.


We can find a spiritual connection with ETs from out of the blue, having had no prior interest in aliens, first contact, UFOs - none of it - as much as we can find a deeper, more loving connection with ETs coming from the abductee point of view.

All is valid, all holds some level of truth.

If your message is one of love, then you are a player in this shift.

Love is the key. Finding love in all things, all beings, all consciousness, as love is the resonance of the Universe. When we begin to harmonize with this resonance, so much is revealed. The goal of lightworkers, awakeners, lovers, and harmonizers isn't to evade the shadow, but to help transmute, to expose shadow to light and see what happens. No agenda, just observance.

Observe yourself when you start to reframe your perception of the ET community. Is there resistance in seeing first contact on a spiritual level? Ask why. Is there an over excitement and burning sensation in your soul for contact to happen as soon as possible? Ask why. Question everything.

Like the millions of ray of color that is light,

there is a prism of possibility in every scenario once we expose light to it, and there will still always be shadow. What I merely propose here, what's come through in slow bursts of downloads for so long now. is that we start to consciously peel away the abduction phenomenon and begin reframing our past to support our present.

Do we want to live in a present that is fear based? Do we want to live in a present that has its foundations laid in methods of control and hierarchy? Do you want to accept these stories for what they are, or take a deeper dive into what really could be going on from a higher, more galactic perspective?

You don't have to have a deep connection to aliens, UFOs, other planets, space, or anything of the sort to be a player in this awakening to galactic energy.

You just have to be ready to question. Be open to love. Be a harbinger of light.

Have you ever identified as a starseed? Do you feel you have some cosmic connections that you are ready to tap into? Let this session be a guiding hand along your journey. I’ll tap into your energy after a deep, 1 hour meditation, then we’ll connect via an audio meeting so you can relax and take in this galactic download. Photos of your cards pulled will be sent to you post session along with a written wrap up summary of our time together. There is no astrological insight in this session.