I Met Archangel Metatron And They Were An Extraterrestrial

It's no secret anymore that I love discovering and remembering my soul's connection to extraterrestrial and interdimensional consciousness, and my teaching is to authentically share my experience so as to help others feel comfortable doing the same. Detailed here is my experience meeting Archangel Metatron for the first time, unsolicited and unintentionally clairvoyantly seeing them as a Zeta Reticulan.

Who is Archangel Metatron?

To be completely honest, I have very little idea apart from what I have felt clairsentiently through our meetings together. Their name floats around the spiritual community, so I have heard of them from my outer circles, but I have never itched to connect until I recently felt the draw after reading through the guidebook description of a card I had drawn for myself in a Full Moon in Pisces reading.

The card was "Starseed," the Starchild Tarot's version of The Fool. Depicted in the guidebook written by creator Danielle Noel are some ascended master associations with each Major Arcana card - such a cool concept and something I'm keen to dive deeper into as I create my upcoming course, Tarot x Astrology. There were many masters listed in connection to Starseed, but for some reason Metatron called out to me, and so I took a stick of Selenite (a crystal Danielle recommends for connecting deeper with the energy of this card, as well!) and dropped into meditation to meet Metatron.


Where did Metatron and I meet?

It was unusually easy to drop into a meditative state on this night. I thank the Pisces Full Moon, a sign that's notorious for being able to slip off into other dimensions. I found myself in a place I've found myself quite often recently - an astral space, dark, with no gravity and no discernible landmarks to mark the space, only some very distant stars. I was floating in space without judgement with a very thin but still strong tie to my human ego, distant enough to make this connection possible but thin enough that I visually had no reference for this connection.

How did Metatron appear to look like?

Then suddenly sitting cross-legged across from me, mirroring my image, was Metatron. I knew clearly, claircognizantly, that this was the being I was here to meet. Apart from setting the intention to meet this being in the astral, I had no expectations for where we would meet or what they would look like, and boy was I pleasantly surprised!

They appeared tall, regal, but with an inner confidence and shininess to them energetically that immediately made me smile. I noticed their skin was luminescent, but nothing like a human's or how I have always seen an angel's skin to be depicted. There wasn't a golden glow to them, rather they were quite silver in their essence, and they skin almost translucent, though I did not see many organs beneath the skin. If anything, I saw some veins, but nothing drastically unusual for a humanoid being.


I knew at this point that this was not a human ascended into angel-status that I was communing with.

I knew that much about Metatron through the grapevine - I had a notion in the back of my head that Metatron was human at some point in their existence and that they were granted or reached angelic status through the work they had done in their life.

This was going through my mind at this point and the being before me looked me in the eye and let known to me that not everything is always as direct and quantifiable as we humans try to make it seem. They let known that they love the stories of Metatron we humans use to connect with them, but as most

things are, things are a lot more complicated than that and, quite frankly, their origins do not inherently matter, it's where and how they present now that counts.

Who are the Zeta Reticuli?

In noticing their eyes, I noticed their shape and depth. Large, almost bug eyes, with a beautiful faceted nature to them, and dark with a more opalescent look to them, like Rainbow Obsidian. This is when I knew, from my own knowing, that Metatron was presenting themselves to me as a Zeta Reticulan being. They confirmed with me telepathically that in this space and at this time, this is how they were presenting, but that to many others throughout time they have presented themselves in forms that were more palatable for the soul at hand to witness.

They explained that this was an ancient form of theirs, quite close if not the closest to their origins, though they lay no judgement and make no attempt at tracking their timeline.

I begin to feel into my unconscious worries about The Greys, a race of biologically, factory made flesh robots that have been used by forces of evil throughout time and space in abduction of humans for experimentation, in wars across the Galaxy - and the Zeta before me stopped my worry in reminding me that there is a difference between the source of a DNA code and the malicious and ego filled ways in which other beings have manipulated DNA for their own purposes.

Just because a being looks like a Grey does not mean they are a Grey, Metatron let known.

Metatron consistently communicated with me telepathically in a way that felt like claircognizant and clairsentient downloads, all happening almost instantaneously in mere moments. They had no need to speak, but as we were communicating the luminescence of their skin was firing up like synapses of energy zipping around their almost not even physical body - they felt so energetic, their presentation physically was seemingly only for my benefit!

Metatron let known that many Zetas have skin such as theirs, and The Greys have lost this light through their genetic manipulation. They let known that my hunch that Metatron was connected to


the consciousness of Vega was correct, and at this point we were almost out of time together. I felt a deep sense of fraternity with this being as, as a soul, I have incarnated many times as a male, yet I felt drawn to refer to them with gender neutral pronouns.

Metatron let known that their gender was fairly androgynous, though they did not mind the male association most souls gave them - they are very flexible!

We hugged, it was beautiful, and as a final goodbye, Metatron placed one hand on my shoulder and one hand on my third eye, an index finger placed between my grow and a thumb against my cheek to brace themselves. A third eye clearing, they let known, so I would not have a headache after our meeting was complete. How kind!

And almost as quickly as they arrived, they drifted like smoke into the astral, and I came back into my human body. Days later, here I am recording my experience after letting it digest.

Why are you sharing this information about Metatron and Zetas?

Because in sitting with this experience for a few days, Metatron and I still have an etheric connection and when I think of this experience, I immediately feel it should be shared so that others may transmute any biases they have about the Zetas, or clarify their visions of Metatron.

It is important to note as Metatron let known that this depiction of their being is not the only depiction of their being that has ever been, and that while they felt this was an origin form for Metatron, they cannot be wholly sure because they are not Source. Thus, if this information does not resonate with you, I urge you to take that knowing of yours and move on with your own inner workings and knowledge of Metatron. But if this information has sparked curiosity in Metatron or the Zetas for you, or perhaps the star system Vega, I urge you then to meet with Metatron on your own with the intent of meeting them in their ET form and expression.

I hope we can start to blend ET, star people experiences in with our other spiritual experiences, whether it be through meeting with ascended masters, or accepting a Pleiadian as one of our guides - whatever the case. This is a new evolution, a new frontier in our spiritual growth as humanity reaches beyond Earth and toward our galactic community and beyond. I hope we can embrace all experiences as they shift to fit our growing, expansive and new paradigm.

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