Libra: Decoding Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency and Ancient Patriarchal Patterns

Art via Ulla Thynell on  Instagram

Art via Ulla Thynell on Instagram

I’ve gotten a fair few emails concerning Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, Libra, already, and I’ve had some thoughts on this archetype for some time. So let’s lay it all on the table: Libra, the patriarchy, the illusion of balance, and the future of our ascension process.

what is libra?

Libra season marks the beginning of our Autumn season here in the northern hemisphere and is our 7th sign of the zodiac representing balance, order, law, partnership. Ruled by feminine Venus and an Air sign, Libra is concerned with the social side of Venus, the interconnectivity of our relationships, particularly our one-to-one relationships — marriage, business partnerships, even rivalries. Representative of the binary though always seeking to understand the grey area, Libra is as much an enigma as is balance.

history of libra

In reading Demetra George’s Asteroid Goddesses (which I highly recommend) I was intensely surprised to learn that the archetype and sign of Libra was devised by Greek astrologers during a time in our history when we were shifting from a largely matriarchal society to that of patriarchy. According to her research, Libra was one archetype devised to cement a patriarchal grip upon our collective from the separation of the sacred, sovereign sexuality of Virgo and Scorpio archetypes.

“In the original zodiacal belt outlined by the Assyrian and Babylonian cultures, Scorpio was symbolized by a serpent and directly followed the sign Virgo. What is today called Libra was contained within the constellation Scorpio and was designated as “the Chelae,” the claws of the scorpion. The Virgo and Scorpio glyphs were similar in design but contained a subtle distinction. In the Virgo glyph, M of matter (mother) was turned inward ♍️ while the Scorpio M of matter (mother) was turned outward ♏️. Hence, her reign of supremacy, the ancient Great Mother Goddess simultaneously manifested as both Virgo virgin and Scorpio consort. Only with the ascent of the patriarchal culture was Libra, sign of marriage, placed between Scorpio and Virgo by Greek astronomers whose society you created an artificial duality in a woman’s sexual identity. From then on, a woman was either virgin-chaste before marriage (Virgo) or a sexual consort after marriage (Scorpio).”

Demetra George, Asteroid Goddesses

Thus, we may find ourselves asking: is the Libra sign and archetype even ‘real?’ How much credence can we give this archetype that was seemingly created out of convenience for control? And what does this mean for our collective with Facebook’s new, no doubt soon to be revolutionary step towards a more digital future with cryptocurrency?

is libra a valid zodiac sign?

The answer is quite plain. Of course Libra is still a sign in our now 12 zodiac system. Libra was always there, Greek astronomers simply delineated it and separated Scorpio’s claws from its body, in effect pacifying its primal nature and, in turn, delineating the matriarchy from the patriarchy.

Constellations and our zodiac archetypes are devised and stories told over generations upon generations, and their meaning is rooted in our belief in them. Thus, in living in our patriarchal landscape that we do now, though the Feminine is Rising to meet the healing Masculine and both Rise to meet the emerging Non-Binary... we are made all that much more aware of how the binary has shaped our lives.

it’s all about archetype

In Libra archetype, we see marriage take its root in our collective unconscious. The notion that there is a distinct difference between life before and after marriage, the state now becoming involved in a legal relationship that, before this archetype took root, was surely a mere merging of hearts into sacred oneness, women being perceived as the lesser sex, effectively destroying any semblance of balance that Libra offers — the list of Libra’s lessons for our collective goes on and on. Through Libra, we see the patriarchal ideal of law, land ownership, marriage as a tool to further one’s self and family line, and all that has built up our civilization to this point.

And so, is this contrived? Is this archetype a toxic one for our collective that we are working towards transcending?

Only the individual can make that choice and distinction. I find it very interesting that the delineation of Libra from Scorpio’s claws occurred during the Age of Aries, sign opposite to Libra, an age where war, conquest, and toxic masculinity took its root. Naturally, we sought out the feminine balance from Libra in the form of strict laws and regulations, a sense of what is socially acceptable and unacceptable, and a clear, legal distinction among those in society who were married and unmarried — to bring about order. The world, society, and our whole Universe always finds its own way to balance itself out.

And yet, as we have seen, are things “balanced” in our world today? Is wealth balanced? Socio-economic status, balanced? The sheer fact that we have marginalized communities answers this question.

art via  abolition83

art via abolition83

Concerning cryptocurrency

This technology represents a part of our shift into the Aquarian Age, and stems from a core belief in decentralizing the economy, effectively undermining the systems that have kept so many oppressed for so long. How does Facebook coming into this game perfectly match its chosen name for their new currency, Libra?

The Libra currency is entirely oxymoronic at its core, as is the guise of Libra archetype. How can Facebook be a player at the helm of the cryptocurrency movement when they are prime players in the game against the people cryptocurrency is meant to uplift? How can Libra represent perfect balance and equilibrium when its root lies in the shifting of power - not the balancing - from ancient matriarchal society to our modern patriarchy?

metaphor as mirror

Thus, the metaphor beneath the Libra currency serves as a mirror for us all to consider our deeply set belief and grasp on illusionary binary. Polarity can be used both as a tool for control and a tool for expansion, and every iteration in between. There is no this or that, there is both, all, some, and none.

As for whether to buy into Libra and this new frontier of cryptocurrency - as always, use your divine discernment, dear ones. Everything planted in Shadow can be transformed with the right amount of Light, and we are Light. And if you are left here wondering what to do of your own chart placements of Libra (I myself with my Libra Mars and Jupiter,) consider the same sentiment: that we are divine creators of our reality, and that though the roots of this archetype may seem damaging, its goal of perfect balance and equilibrium is a noble one. Simply remember to look beyond the binary, out past polarity, once you feel balance have been reached in your life through your Libra placement.

where do we go from here?

I must press that I am in no way saying Libra archetype is in any lesser than the other archetypes of our zodiacal wheel because of its roots in patriarchy. Should we consider the histories behind every other player in our astrology, we’d surely find some shoddy corners we’d wish we could sweep away — but that is not how we integrate Shadow. Transforming the Libra archetype is, largely, the goal of those incarnated at this time with Libra placements. Perhaps this, too, is the underlying spiritual lesson behind the Libra cryptocurrency.