My Journey With Light Language: Channeling The Stars

Surrender is a toughy for me in all things, and when light language wanted to come into my life, it was the biggest lesson in surrender I've ever faced. This is too weird, I thought. No one will get this, no one is going to accept this. Quick google search later to search "channeled symbols from ETs" and I stumbled across a new, familiar term: light language.

What is light language?

Light language is a vessel for immensely powerful healing, transformational shifts through the power of word. We all know these words and the infinite shapes, sizes, and sounds that reverberate through our being. The logical mind is of no use here as light language works with the intuitive mind, heart, and being. There is no making sense of it, but we sense it nevertheless.

When we see, hear, and channel light language, we are allowing and accepting higher vibrational light codes to assist in our ascension process. Only that which is in our highest good will be imprinted upon us, whether consciously or unconsciously.

TRANSMISSION by Alexandra Bogoslowsky

TRANSMISSION by Alexandra Bogoslowsky

In short, symbols created through automatic writing while connecting to benevolent beings of the light can be considered light language. Spoken channeled tongue can be considered light language if, again, intention was set and connection made with a being of the light.

Light language is not just a channeled experience with extraterrestrial consciousness. Though through my channelings I have received transmission from Pleiadians, Sirians, Lyrans, and Vegans, light language can be angelic in nature, or perhaps from the fae! It all depends on the intention you set.

the important thing is to go with your gut and trust that whatever wants to come through your hands is valid.

your human mind will start to want to judge the swirls and awkward angles of your scripts. This isn't right, you may think, this isn't language. The funny thing is about light language is how it begs us to shift our perspective on what is possible, and through our allowance, we receive its transmission.

How did you start writing light language?

In truth, I believe I have been channeling light language since I was a child, but only remembered my channel in March of 2018. When I was young, I would zone out in school and draw these scripts and shade some in, loop them all around my page of notes, pretty much always had my head in my notebook channeling what I now know to be light language - and I still was able to listen to teacher and get some good grades!

I mention this because it's a key thing to note about light language - it's easy. It doesn't take all your brain power to open and allow, only the power to put pen to paper and see what comes through. A little more release comes in the power of interpreting what you've channeled, though even then, if your claircognizant muscles are flexed, or your clairaudient machine well oiled, you simply know. You simply hear.

In March of this year, I began a journey with my now realized soul family through Lemurian frequencies, diving into my past life memories and starting to bring them forward into our current reality. Through this practice, light language came back to me. I trusted my nudges, pushed through unhealthy blockages, and said yes instead of no.

This all sounds so vague because that's the way it feels. Like a blur, I'm seemingly where I am now and I can't track how I came to be where i am today, a 40 card deck of channeled light language and, finally, pucking up the courage to write about light language for all to read.

What began as a personal project became something much greater than I'd ever imagined possible.

The deck that has sprung from my trust in light language, trust in my channel, doesn't feel like my own, but I am the vessel through which this tool wants to be birthed and I cannot deny it any longer.

Imposter syndrome is real, and the first time I shared these cards in person with two beautiful ladies in an uptown dinner over brunch, my voice quivered and my hands fiddled together as I watched them flip through the cards. I felt like this wasn't mine to give to people, but what light language consistently reminds me is that it is, it is, it is.

I am worthy of being a channel, and so are you. We are worthy of receiving these light codes enriched through the written script of our own hands, or my hands, or whomever's hands resonate with your being. We are ready for light language now more than ever.

ELUDE ILLUSION by Alexandra Bogoslowsky

ELUDE ILLUSION by Alexandra Bogoslowsky

Where do we go from here?

I would love to teach light language workshops in person or online. I would love to see more people awakening to the potential in their hands, in their voice, in their person (some folx sign light language while they speak it!) This practice is just as healing for the channels are it if for the receivers. The Arcturus Speaks Oracle Cards featuring light language is now available for purchase through my shop. A book concerning the themes brought up from the deck is in the works, slowly but surely, which will encompass far more than just a guidebook for the cards.

I am ready to come out of the spiritual closet again. I am a light language channeler, and I'm excited to share more about it with you in the future.