How To Remember Past Lives: The Basics

One thing I've always loved about astrology is how much information we can gain from our natal charts. The layers to this tool appear to be infinite, as are, coincidentally, our soul's past incarnations. Truly, when we kick it back a few notches, we have lived, are living, and will live infinite lives. The mirrors upon mirrors of infinite reflections are ripe for introspection, and in this post, we'll glace at a few ways through which we can peer into our most relevant soul incarnations.

Letting it happen.

Here is the hardest and most important lesson I've found I need to remember consistently when working through my karma and discovering my dharma with my past lives - we just have to let it happen. Once we open the door, once we set the intention and let the Universe know we are ready to remember, ready to release, and ready to integrate, so it will be... in divine time.

Divine timing is one hell of a timeline to shift through for its strife and glory.

We don't want to wait - we're so impatient. We want to fully remember our life as a Queen in France, or recall memories of feudal Japan or Lemurian vistas. Divine timing doesn't care about our ego's timeline for remembrance. Divine timing doesn't care about how long it has been since we're set our intention to remember because divine timing ticks and tocks beyond our 3rd dimensional reality - it lives beyond linear time.


Therefore, our memories can flood back to us in a few fell swoops, or take a lifetime to steep into our consciousness. It will likely be a blend of the two for you. The details of your soul's incarnations will come in bits and pieces at times, and pure encyclopedia sized downloads at others. 

The key to letting it happen is trusting that it will be so - trusting that your intent to remember is enough.

We must have a firm grasp on our power of intention and manifestation. There is no handbook for remembering past lives, despite the content of this blog post. This is why this is the first and most important step in the remembrance process; without trust in our true knowings, the validity of our dreams, the assuredness of our gut feelings, we have no real memories. What we'll have if we only abide by more left brained, step by step tools of remembrance are frameworks with no substance, bones with no flesh.

Trusting ourselves and our intuitive hits is a lesson all of its own, one that I cannot wrap into a single blog post. Just know that however long you have been on the journey of self reflection and developing a relationship with your spiritual self, understanding your draw to this post and the draw to remember your past lives takes you all the more closer to rediscovering your soul's history.

Dreams are your best friend.

After I set the intention of remembering my past lives, after I stopped learning about ancient realms like Atlantis, Lemuria, and Avalon and just decided that I was ready to discover, boy did my dreams get weird. They quickly die down in intensity if you do not do your due diligence and begin recording your dreams, so keep a dream journal beside your bed or, if you're like me and you wake up in the middle of the night and want to keep your scragglings with you everywhere, type up what you remember as you awaken on your phone. The phone also works great if you sleep with a partner and you don't want to turn on the light to wake them up, just be sure to keep the brightness low and the blue back light off if you wake up in the middle of the night to jot down something amazing.

There's so much to say about the power of dreams, yet nothing at all to say that wouldn't be a moot point. Dreams are infinitely unique and work on a plane that defies the laws of our 3rd dimensional world. With so many things capable of occurring at the same time and in such a short span of time, all the while feeling as though we're living through an epic, dreams are something in and of themselves.

After you've started to record your dreams and you've attracted vivid dreams into your sleeping state on a more consistent basis, you'll be tempted to Google dream symbolism. I highly suggest otherwise. Before Googling, consider how the theme in your dream makes you feel in your waking state. What concepts or ideas have you been exploring in your waking state that connect deeply to your dream motif?

What Googling and searching externally for validation of a motif or theme will do for your psyche is create a channel for your mind to consistently reach outside of yourself for validation, but when doing past life work, it's inside ourselves that we must look, it's inside ourselves where the answers lie. Your relationship to dragonflies, for instance, your own understanding of what a dragonfly represents is what the dragonfly showing up in your dreams represents.

Not all dreams will be dreams to help you remember your soul's incarnations, but the chances of attracting such experiences in the astral once we've set the intention and began trusting our intuition are much greater than usual.


I began having so many dreams with huge waves crashing and destroying the lives of people I loved from a young age. It was only when I connected so many dots did I realize these dreams were my soul's remembrance of the tragedies that marked the end of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Sometimes your vivid dreams will be nightmarish, and you'll be tempted whether consciously or unconsciously to cut yourself off from having vivid dreams. We must remember that in all things, happy or sad, good or bad, there are lessons to be learned. We signed up to work through those lessons. If the dreams are beginning to take a toll on your level of rest I do suggest seeking help from your desired professional to consider the affects of anxiety and insomnia in your life.

Vivid dreaming connects deeply to all of our clairs, most poignantly claivoyance. Notice, however, if you're more than simply seeing in your dreams. I've had many a dream where I heard voices as if they were plain as day - clairaudience. I've had so many dreams in which I simply knew things I never would have had a reference point for in my waking life - claicognizance. This is why writing down our dreams can be so powerful. If we start connecting our logical, egoic mind with our intuition, we start building the bridge between etheric experience and tangible memory.

Details may escape you and that's okay.

We start to believe we aren't remembering anything when we can't place the name we used in our last past life, or we can't seem to place what area of the world our memory comes from. The reality is the details do not make up the substance of a past life memory, or many memories for that matter. Often, we'll remember quantifiable information like names, places, or even a sentence someone said because of a feeling attached to them. If not for rote memorization that we may do to remember proper nouns and details like we did in primary school, we would remember things based on their resonance - their feelings, the colors of the place, the energy it gives off relative to other places or people we know.

I have an extremely vivid memory of a life lived and I have no idea where I specifically resided nor what name I went by. What I do know is I was a complicated man working through some serious themes of uplifting the divine masculine and healing toxic masculinity. All in all, I carried a lot of guilt and too heavy a left brained mindset into this life, debilitating my capabilities to access my intuition as a young child. My abuse of my position in authority in this past life resulted in my playing by the books in my early life out of shame. This shame and guilt manifested in low grade anxiety that, upon awakening to my spiritual self and beginning to live my truth, spiraled into a serious condition as I came closer and closer to facing this incarnation of my soul.

It doesn't matter what my name was or where I lived, what matters is the lessons behind our soul's incarnations.

We can start to see precisely why identifying with a name or a place can turn toxic if we consider the rampant cultural appropriation in the spiritual community. Folx saying they were Indian in a past life, for instance, then cherry picking specific aspects of that culture to toss into their spiritual practice, not taking the time and energy out of their life to truly revere the culture, or even recognize that soul lineage and ancestral lineage are not the same thing.


Your persistent issues and spiralic
themes are your past life lessons.

Time is collapsing in on itself in this ascension process. As we shift closer and closer into 5D from 3D, we experience time loops, lapses in memory, time speeding up to a point where a day feels like it's lasted an hour then somedays, time slows down to a halt.

Some folx are more sensitive to the later time related symptoms than others, but one thing I've observed in session with clients to be true for most all folx is that the problems and obstacles we are facing in our life today directly relate to past life karma. Karma isn't a negative thing, and despite what some may say in this community, I don't believe we are now all devoid of our karma at this point in ascension.

If we choose with our free will to forget the past our soul has lived - the other incarnations, whether past, parallel, or future - and simply focus on the present, we are blocking ourselves off from the potent lessons available to us when we tap into these lives. If we don't face our karma, we don't reach our dharma, or our purpose, here in this incarnation.

We see this in astrology with the North and South Nodes.

Our South Node is what is comfortable to us, themes we have lived through in early life and in past lives that we have mastered and need to move away from and towards our North Node to live our fullest potential in this life. That's what the textbooks would tell you. From my experience, our South Nodes are not always what we've mastered, but themes that we continuously come back to again and again that no longer serve our highest good. We don't need to keep running the same track when there's a new set of obstacles off in the distance, the next level, but most of us keep to the same old patterns, keep trying to master the level that we're at because if we move forward, we could fail.

Why the fear? Because change is difficult, especially when we're talking about changing our soul's patterns. We must begin with our human conditioning, here in this life and in this dimension, before we can consider shifting our soul's patterns. 

Concerning how this may show up for you, here's an example from my own remembering. I have repeated a pattern of self isolation and fear of ostracization for as long as I could remember. Try as I might, the dreams kept happening, the situations kept cropping up in my waking life where I was cut off, or I cut someone else off, where I was bullied incessantly, where I felt hopeless and alone and afraid, lashing out at people I loved out of fear that they would just leave anyway.

One day in meditation, I received a spontaneous recollection of my life in a community at a time when paganism was still wide spread and thriving. I was a Christian. I truly believed in the power of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and I wanted to help my community - save them. I felt her urgency and guilt for believing in a different reality than her family, saw her dragged across the town square and pointed at, made fun of, and banished. It felt so strange and yet so validating to receive these flashes of visuals and feel her pain, especially when I've tasted her same bitterness on my tongue, a feeling that was so familiar yet I never knew why.

This is an example of spontaneous remembrance that can come at any time if we've opened the door to remembering through our intention and trusting our intuition.

So where can I suggest you go from here? Consider how ready you are to remember your past lives, consider your relationship to linear time and how you can become a time alchemist through your remembrance. Look into your astrological chart and see what your North Node is - your South Node is the exact opposite sign at the same degrees as your North Node (ie my NN is in Sagittarius at 8 degrees, my SN is in Gemini at 8 degrees).

We can dive into what this means and so much more in a full on birth chart reading, or get more specific in a past life session incorporating your astrological draconic and druidic soul star charts as well - more on those in a future post.

This story of past life remembrance is not through yet, loves. Watch the video below to learn a little more detail about my specific past life memories. It's raw, it's heartfelt, it's exactly what I've needed to share for so long. Thank you for being here.