Interview with Ellen M Gregg

Podcast edited and produced by me, Sasha Bogoslowsky. Royalty free music thanks to TeknoAXE:  Digital Zen

Podcast edited and produced by me, Sasha Bogoslowsky. Royalty free music thanks to TeknoAXE: Digital Zen

Our first guest on The Starbound Podcast is Ellen M. Gregg, intuitive channeler, card slinger, and overall beautiful human being.

In this week's episode, we discuss how Ellen came to channeling in the first place (or how channeling came to her!) We dive into reiki, galactic consciousness, the chakra system, and flow in and out of conversation with Ellen's guides in some channeling on the call! Do give Ellen a follow at @intuitiveellen on Instagram and connect deeper at


Imogen Walters and I are thick as thieves - she's truly one of my best friends in this life and a gem of a soul to connect with. We'll be live this Friday the 6th at 10AM EST, 3PM UTC+1, discussing Pleiadian energy, astrology, tarot, the vibes, past lives, kittens, crystals, reiki - anything and everything that comes to the table! It's an open conversation between two friends, and we'd love for you to join. You can RSVP on the calendar.

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Mercury Retrograde is in full swing, so before tossing yourself into the throws of Retrograde victim mentality, watch this video and thank me later.


The Starbound Podcast is a space for enigmatic energy downloads and star talks for budding Earthseeds. In this space, we discuss weekly tools, tips & tricks for navigating energy, moods & manifestations for seasoned priestesses and curious spiritual beings alike.

My name is Sasha Bogoslowsky. I am a healing intuitive channel. My tools of choice are the tarot and astrology, and I am delighted to be here in service of you.

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